Agreement number: 2016 – 3604 / 001 - 001
Project number: 580205-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

"The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein." 

Finalità e obiettivi

Finalità generali

Prevenire la radicalizzazione violenta e promuovere i valori democratici, i diritti fondamentali, la comprensione tra le culture e la cittadinanza attiva.

Obiettivi specifici

-Migliorare l’apprendimento di competenze sociali e civiche e promuovere la conoscenza, la comprensione e il possesso dei valori democratici e dei diritti fondamentali;
-Promuovere la reciproca comprensione e il rispetto tra persone con diverse esperienze, credenze o convinzioni etniche o religiose;
-Prevenire la radicalizzazione in prigione, nelle istituzioni chiuse e all’interno della società.



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Here you can find the e-booklet created by the REM partnership, including all the lesson plans of the courses realized in Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain and an introduction about the target groups and the environments where the trainings has been realized.

Download it for free!


Policy Recommendation paper

It is now available in the section publication of the website the Policy Recommendation Paper created by the REM partnership, downoloadable for free.

In fact, REM project is an Erasmus+ KA3 project that has also the aim to influence european policies.

Please have a look at it!



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