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International Workshop
Islam and European Union Values - 23th November 2018
International Workshop
Islam and European Union Values - 23th November 2018


REM is a European project co-funded by the EU program “Erasmus +” that involves seven partners in four European countries: Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

Inspired by a project realized within the walls of Dozza’s prison in Bologna (IT) REM aims to prevent violent radicalization and to promote democratic values and fundamental rights. To do so the consortium is creating training modules for migrants that can facilitate dialogue and self-reflection about rights, duties and cultural differences.

Every partner will plan and realize training modules for migrants in different social contexts, e.g. hosting communities, prisons, language courses and so on.


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Ready to start!

In the next days and weeks every partner will start the training course about rights and duties.

Young migrants, foreign unaccompanied minors, asylum applicants, high school students, inmates and former inmates, will participate in the training in Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

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The third transnational meeting will take place in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of November.

Partners will meet to share experiences of the training modules they are running in Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

On the 23rd of November at 9.30 a.m, at Bedford Hotel in Brussels, an International Workshop, open to all, will present Rem project to an international public.

Soon you will find on the website more info about the workshop.



On Monday 9th April we met in CPIA for the second workshop in order to make a final product.The meeting took place in three phases:

 Writing text: “Ten thighs different between you and me”

theater exercise “The mirror”: in couples, everyone had to imitate his partner as a mirror

theater exercise: “Tableaux vivents”: each group represented a concept as “Exclusion”; “Violence”; “Solidarity”.


On Monday March 26 we met in CPIA for the first workshop in order to make a final product.

This video introduced the workshop :

then, our students wrote a text: “Ten things that everybody share”. Every one read his text to the rest of the group.


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