Agreement number: 2016 – 3604 / 001 - 001
Project number: 580205-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

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Work packages

WP1 – Management
Ensure the success of the project through appropriate coordination of the organizational, technological, methodological and financial activities.

WP2 - Educational tools and methodologies
• Local adaptation of the Dozza Best Practice (DBP) in order to be implemented in each partner country in at least one of the chosen social environments (migrant language official courses, centres hosting migrants, prisons etc.);
• Design of the teaching modules according to DBP;
• Creation of the new active teaching tools to support the training;
• Revision of the teaching modules according to testing results and initial evaluation of impact;
• Verification of the REM modules/methodologies and tools taking into consideration the suggestions collected during the training of trainers.

WP3 - Testing and integration
• Testing and verification of the designed teaching modules;
• The testing will be implemented in each partner country by three experts (cultural mediator/islamologist, law teacher, language teacher/tutor) in one or two different social environments;
• Drafting the training of trainers courses;
• Training of trainers;
• Evaluation of the training.

WP4 - Networking and future recommendation for European Commission
• Baseline survey implemented in each partner country on possible collaborating organizations interested in utilizing teaching methodologies to prevent radicalization in various social environments;
• Three local workshops (in Italy, Spain, Romania);
• An international workshop in Bruxelles;
• Coaching the adoption of the basic elements of the methodologies proposed by the project in the trainings courses of the three sectos: adults education institutions, prisons and hosting centers;
• Promotion of agreements regarding the application of the REM training modules at the European level.

WP5 - Dissemination, communication and exploitation
• Dissemination to partners countries government authorities and interested actors/organizations of the REM teaching modules, including the e-booklet and tools produced;
• Promotion of agreements regarding the application of the REM training modules in partner countries;
• Final conference in Germany with presentation of project results.

WP6 - Quality control, Monitoring and Evaluation
Ensure the quality of all the tasks performed during the project. It will consist in two principal strands of activity, which are closely related: evaluation and quality assurance.




Now are available on the website, in publications, the presentations of the local workshop that was held in Timisoara on the 26th of June, downloadable for free.

4th Transnational meeting in Timisoara - Romania

The fourth transnational meeting took place in Timisoara on the 25th and 26th of June.

The partners met to share experiences of the training of trainers they runned in Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain and to plan next steps of the project.

On the 26th of June, from 10.00 a.m to 13.00 a.m., at the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Timis, Piata Victoriei 3, the workshop "Active Citizenship - Integration, Fighting Discriminationa and Building a Common Ground", involving all partners, presented Rem project to a public of Romanian stakeholders.


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