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Presentations of Modena local workshop 2019-04-16 Elisa Pighi 10
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Italian local Worshop - Modena 26th february 2019 2019-01-08 Elisa Pighi 219
International workshop in Brussels 2018-12-04 Elisa Pighi 238
New documents available on the website 2018-03-28 Elisa Pighi 603
2nd transnational meeting in Valencia - Spain 2018-01-17 Elisa Pighi 727


Presentations of Modena local workshop

Now are available on the website, in publications, the presentations of the local workshop that was held in Modena on the 26th of February, downloadable for free.

Italian Local Workshop, Modena 26th of Febraury 2019

Great interest for the italian local workshop that has been held on the 26th of Febrary in Modena, at Ceis Formazione's headquarters.

Around 60 persons attended the conference.

Maria Patrizia Paba, prefect of Modena, Stefano Versari, general director of the Regional Office for the School of Emilia-Romagna Region, P.Giuliano Stenico, president of Fondazione Ceis onlus and Director of Toniolo Institute and Emilio Porcaro, headmaster of Cpia Metropolitano of Bologna, participated with interesting speeches about social inclusion of migrants, prevention of radicalization and education for social inclusion.

All partners presented the results of their training courses runned from October 2018 to January 2019.

Great work for the partnership!


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