Agreement number: 2016 – 3604 / 001 - 001
Project number: 580205-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

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Here you can find all publications made during the project's life: project's leaflets in different languages, reports, etc.

Overall Piloting Report on Training the trainers
Timisoara_26.06.2019_Migration refugees in Romania p1-compresso-pagine-1-23
Timisoara_26.06.2019_Migration refugees in Romania p2-compresso-pagine-24-47
Timisoara_26.06.2019_Migration refugees in Romania p3-compresso-pagine-48-72
Timisoara_26.06.2019_Migration refugees in Romania p4-compresso-pagine-73-95
Timisoara_26.06.2019_My Journey Alina tefan
Timisoara_26.06.2019_TRAF 3 Presentation-compresso-pagine-1-9
Timisoara_26.06.2019_TRAF 3 Presentation-compresso-pagine-10-17
Timisoara_26.06.2019_Teaching to immigrants
Timisoara_26.06.2019_REM project presentation
Modena_26.02.2019_Ana Maria Solis_Ambit
Modena_26.02.2019_Angela Cotoara_Fundatia
Modena_26.02.2019_Daniela Fontanazzi_CEIS
Modena_26.02.2019_Emilio Porcaro_CPIA
Modena_26.02.2019_Florin Bacioiu_CPIP
Modena_26.02.2019_Francesca Esposito_CPIA
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Now are available on the website, in publications, the presentations of the local workshop that was held in Timisoara on the 26th of June, downloadable for free.

4th Transnational meeting in Timisoara - Romania

The fourth transnational meeting took place in Timisoara on the 25th and 26th of June.

The partners met to share experiences of the training of trainers they runned in Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain and to plan next steps of the project.

On the 26th of June, from 10.00 a.m to 13.00 a.m., at the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Timis, Piata Victoriei 3, the workshop "Active Citizenship - Integration, Fighting Discriminationa and Building a Common Ground", involving all partners, presented Rem project to a public of Romanian stakeholders.


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